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Tru N Dress Wheel Truing and Dressing Tools

We offer two models of the Tru N Dress:

"E" and Grand Slam

Read below to learn the differences.

2020 Customer feedback:

"Received it (Tru N Dress "E") and used it. Amazing product. Thank you! Glad I watched your YouTube channel!"

Chuck from Shiloh, IL


*domestic USA shipping only

We also ship outside the USA,

only not for free.

Either Tru N Dress will

improve your grinding wheels by:

• Truing the circumference

• Smoothing the aggregate

• Removing metallic build up (de-glazing)

• Producing a perfectly Flat Surface on wheels

The Grand Slam , with the addition of our Crowning Tool Rest, can also produce a

Spherically Crowned surface

Click here

for a comparison table of the two models

Both models use the same diamond and shaft!

Here are top of bottom views of both models:

The GS has a

re-positionable guide

The TND Grand Slam works on tool rests from

1" to 3-3/16"

(front to back).

The guide on the Tru N Dress "E" is machined into the body in a fixed position on the body. Works perfectly on a Wolverine tool rest!

If you are only using the Wolverine tool rest and aren't interested in Crowning the surface of the wheel, this is the right tool for you!

The Grand Slam has a movable guide which enables using it on various tool rest sizes.


Only the Grand Slam is capable of producing a "Spherical" surface on wheels for "Cool Grinding". 

The edge guide is two-sided. One side, pictured above left, has a straight edge and the other side, pictured above right, has a concave edge.

If you want a dead flat surface on your wheel, use the straight edge against your tool rest.

If you want a Spherical- Crowned surface on your wheel, use the concave side against our Crowning Tool Rest.

There are advantages to each, depending on the application.

Geiger's Wheel Crowning System dresses wheels in two radial planes creating a complex curve. This results in a spherically surfaced wheel for "Cool Grinding" .

Sharpening on a spherical surface reduces heat by minimizing friction. This is critical when sharpening plane irons, chisels, etc.

Crowning System for use with a Wolverine system.


within the USA.

Crowning System for use with a Lee Valley Veritas® tool rest.



*domestic USA shipping only

Here is the Crowning Tool Rest mounted to the Wolverine® system.

The 3" X 5" rectangular tool rest, as is supplied with the Wolverine system, has been removed and replaced with our 

2-1/4" x 6" Crowning Tool Rest.

The Wolverine® support post and securing handle has been re-used.

You should consider using our Crowning Tool Test for all of your hand sharpening needs. It is 2-1/4" front to back, curved and 6" wide which makes it very beneficial when hand sharpening tools or for other grinding operations.

The Crowning tool rest is included in the Crowning System or can be purchased by itself as follows:

Crowning Tool Rest for Wolverine.

Here is the Crowning Tool Rest mounted to Lee Valley's Veritas® tool rest.

The Crowning tool rest can be attached or removed from the Veritas® tool rest in just seconds. A single hand-tightened nut is used to secure the Crowning Tool Rest into place.

Crowning Tool Rest for Veritas

In addition to making the surface of grinding wheel flat or crowned here are some of the additional benefits of the TND Grand Slam and Tru N Dress "E":

  • Eliminates tool bounce.

  • Improves the surface of the wheel so tool bevels will be smoother and edges sharper.

  • A minimum amount of material is removed from the wheel thus extending their 

Spending money on a wheel balancing system is unnecessary in almost all cases!

Balancing kits only treat the symptom: (grinder vibration) and do not correct the source of the problem (out of round wheels). If a grinding wheel is out of round, your tools will still bounce on the surface which adversely affects sharpening. Every instruction manual we've studied that comes with a balancing system recommends truing the wheels too. We suggest truing the wheels first and then test the grinder and decide if you need to go further.

Try a TND first to see if it solves your problems before going to the expense of purchasing a balancing system. We believe it will work.

Tru N Dress users have been very successful at correcting vibration problems without purchasing a wheel balancing kit. Besides- you'll still need a TND Grand Slam even if you decide you need a balancing system.

The TND Grand Slam has a movable edge guide enabling it to work on tools rests from 1" to 3-3/16" (front to back).

The TND Grand Slam can be used on most original equipment and after market tool rests.


The TND Grand Slam, pictured right works perfectly on a One Way Wolverine 3" X 5" platform tool rest, without modification.

By turning the control knob counter clockwise, the diamond can be retracted close to the body to minimize the fulcrum thus minimizing vibration.

The TND Grand Slam is supplied with a long-lasting 1/2 ct. diamond for use on wheels up to 8" diameter.

Here is a glass of wine placed on the tool rest of a bench grinder running at 1725 RPM.

Notice there is not even a ripple in the surface of the wine!

The grinder in the photograph is an inexpensive knock-off mounted on a piece of 1/2 " plywood bolted to a pedestal stand.


*domestic USA shipping only

Note: The names of these products were previously

"Geiger's Wheel Truing and Dressing Solution" and "Geiger's Tru N Dress".

The 1/2 ct. diamond is permanently mounted to a 1/2" threaded steel shaft. The diamond is expected to be long lasting and we see very few replacements necessary. The replacement shaft/diamond and a new knob.

Replacement 1/2 ct Diamond, 1/2" diameter threaded shaft,
o-ring and control knob

If you are using a hand controlled wheel dresser, such at a T shaped one or similar, it's very likely you are unable to make the wheels perfectly concentric to the axle. Also, the bevels of your tools will have a rough appearance and the edges of the tools are not as sharp as they could be. Multi-diamond dressers dig furrows in the surfaces of the wheels making the results on your tools rougher. The True N Dress will solve these problems because it has a controlled depth of cut and very effectively smooths the aggregate across the face of the wheel.

Improve your sharpening today with a new TND Grand Slam! We suggest using it every day before sharpening your tools. Hundreds of our customer's have reported they think this is the best wheel dresser available today. Most of our customers abandoned other systems in favor of the TND Grand Slam.

If you need further convincing: Search the net using these key words and you'll find many positive comments about this product: "Geiger's Tru N Dress" or "Geiger dresser" or "Geiger's Wheel Truing and Dressing Solution ".

To effectively tune up a grinder: It is helpful to first replace the plastic bushings, as are supplied with some wheels, with steel bushings. A steel bushing will provide a solid mounting that is more concentric and perpendicular to the axle.

We offer precision machined steel wheel bushings in three sizes:

5/8" i.d. X 1" o.d. X 1" long

(fits most 8" grinders)

3/4" i.d. X 1" o.d. X 1" long

(fits 8" Baldor grinders)

1/2" i.d. X 1" o.d. x 3/4" long

(fits 6" Baldor grinders)

These are very precisely made headless press-fit drill bushings and are machined to very exacting specifications.

Precision Steel Bushing:

5/8" X 1" X 1": p.n.: 5/8-BUSH

3/4" X 1" X 1": p.n.: 3/4-BUSH

1/2" X 1" X 3/4": p.n.: 1/2-BUSH

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