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Geiger's Tru N Dress

"The Ultimate choice in wheel dressers!"

Above Left and right are views of the top and bottom of the Tru N Dress "E". This is the perfect choice if you have a Wolverine tool rest.

Above left is the bottom view (the side that matters) of the Tru N Dress Grand Slam. Notice the re-positionable guide plate. The guide plate can be adjusted making it compatible with four different sizes of tool rests. The guide plate is also reversible. One edge is straight and the other is slightly concave.

The photo on the right is our Crowning tool rest. Notice the curved edge. When the Grand Slam traverses across the curved edge, guiding the diamond across the width of the wheel. The curvature of the tool rest is transferred directly to the surface of the wheel.

With this tool you can produce perfectly flat or a fully-radiused surface on your wheels (not just the edges). The resulting crown is about 1/64" high.

Both dressers are supplied with the same 1/2 ct diamond/shaft. The difference depends on what tool rest you have and what you want type of surface you want to produce; flat, crowned or both.

Hi Don.

Received my ordered goods (Tru N Dress E) from you.

I could not be happier with my purchase.

You obviously put a lot of thought in to the seemingly simple , yet complex, product.

It works brilliantly, which is as described.

It is a top end quality product.

I pursue quality over quantity as a life manifesto.

It was delivered swiftly and came in a protective sheath/bag.

I make many international purchases but cannot say that I have been as impressed by the final product as that furnished by yourself.


I already love it,

and anyone that will listen to me will be told of how much I like the product you sent me.

I showed it to my old boss who took me on as an apprentice, many years ago, just today and he was amazed.

Genius in engineering is where simplicity meets function,

your product meets these criteria.

Many thanks and best regards

Damon R., Australia

Click here for detailed information on the Tru N Dress wheel dressing system.

Click here to access the Tru N Dress owner's manual.

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