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EGGeiger's Evolution Sharpening System for Gouges

Re-Centering Solution

Business name: Geitech, Inc., established 1983

Updated May 9, 2024
NOTE: We no longer accept orders from international locations.

Please contact us if you are looking for: turning tools, tool rests, sharpening systems, a wheel dressers, a re-centering system or other accessories.

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Evolution sharpening systems are IN-STOCK!

Re-Centering Solutions are IN-STOCK!

​Experience supeior accuracy and repeatability when sharpening bowl and spindle gouges with the Evolution sharpening system. The system is simple to install, easy to use and inexpensive. 

Shape and sharpen the following:

  • Ellsworth/Irish Grind on bowl gouges

  • Micro-Bevel grind for producing smooth inside surfaces on bowls

  • 40/40 Bowl Gouge (my version) for clean push cuts

  • Spindle Gouges

Select any of four grind in seconds! Each is very repeat

Great for use with CBN and aggregate (stone) wheels.

40/40 Bowl Gouge Grind

Achieve superior results using our jig

Ellsworth/ Irish grind (bottom) and Micro-bevel grind (top)

The Evolution Sharpening system is an aftermarket product for use with the *Wolverine sharpening system (not included) and can be used with the Wolverine Vari-Grind or Ellsworth jig (not included).
* The Evolution system is not compatible with the Vari-Grind II


Evolution Sharpening (standard) system for use with the Wolverine Vari-Grind.

Free shipping in US!


Deluxe Evolution Sharpening for Vari Grind jigs

Includes a second stop collar to Enable setting up the system on two grinding wheels (Coarse and Fine). Requires a second Wolverine V-Notch arm available from other suppliers.