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Lathes and Accessories

Geitech, Inc. accepted an invitation to be an authorized dealer for Robust Tools, LLC in 2010.

We have been very happy with their products and support

We enjoy seeing the look on a turner's face the first time they turn on a Robust!

Robust Tools LLC, located in Barneveld, WI, is dedicated to providing lathes, accessories and service of the highest quality standards. Robust lathes are proudly manufactured and supported in the USA.

Each lathe is provided with a 7-year mechanical warranty on all components- a very strong expression of confidence in the quality of the products.

The designs are the genius of Brent English who was turning wood well before he started manufacturing lathes. To obtain a broader perspective he consults many of the top professional woodturners and has employed many of their ideas into the designs. The result is three high-quality, ergonomically comfortable lathes that are a pleasure to operate.

"I don't know how anyone could move up from a Robust lathe. A Robust will be the last lathe you'll ever need."

Turning on a Robust American Beauty is the ultimate experience in woodturning today."         

Don Geiger

Below are features you’ll like on all Robust lathes:

Stainless Steel Ways: Robust is proud to offer stainless steel ways as standard equipment on all our lathes. Whether you turn wet wood or exotics, your Robust ways will not rust. 


The spindle is made of hardened 4140 Chrome Moly alloy with an 1-1/4 x 8 tpi spindle drilled through and ready equipped for our vacuum attachment vacuum. There is a groove for a safety set screw and a #2 Morse taper.

Spindle Lock-

Each Robust lathe is equipped with a spindle lock that doesn't require you to hold it it place. The spindle lock disables the motor in the "locked" mode.

Metric is available:

If you've already got metric accessories and want to move up to a Robust or add to your fleet, we can match the 33 X 3.5 mm spindle threads and the #3 MT (in the tail stock quill) as is provided by One Way. Isn't it time to upgrade to a Robust?


Heavy duty permanently lubricated bearings are fitted. They carry 40% more load than leading competitors. That's why Robust is the only manufacturer that warrants the headstock bearings. The bearings are included in our 7-year mechanical warranty. We make this point because many companies don't.

Indexing Hand wheel:

Indexing is standard. Robust incorporates the standard 48 position index function into the highly polished and comfortable hand wheel.

Motor and Drives: Robust supplies American Made Leeson 1.5 and 2 HP and 3 HP motors. The 1.5 HP systems are 115v single phase and the 2 and 3 HP systems are 230v single phase. The drive speed can be slowed to a very low RPM for operations like applying finishes. Because Robust supplies a vector drive, full torque is available at ALL speeds.

Variable speed and forward/reverse are standard. A full compliment of lathe controls are on a corded pendant with a magnetic back. Place them on the headstock, tail stock, or anywhere else it is convenient for you- except on the stainless steel ways. 

The lathe bed is constructed of structural and stainless steel, fully welded and stress relieved before final finishing. The bed is leveled on a "Ginormous" surface grinder.

The American Beauty is available with 48" or 72" single unit lengths. A 16" bed extension is available for all three lathe models.

Pictured here, left to right, are: Ernie Folino, Rudy Lopez and Donald Watson. Each are wonderful friends of mine and really gifted turners. "It completely baffles me why all lathes aren't adjustable. Would you buy shoes that were available in only one size or a car that doesn't have adjustable seats?"

Standard Accessories:

  • Hands-free spindle lock with electronic interlock to disable motor

  • Corded pendant remote control (magnetically backed) with variable speed, forward/reverse and stop controls

  • Handwheel (can you believe some lathes aren't supplied with one?)

  • 48-Position Indexing (positions are engraved on the hand wheel)

  • Knock-Out Rod (fits the spindle and tailstock quill)

  • 12" Tool Rest (lifetime warranty)

  • Robust Ring Drive

  • Robust Superior Quality Live Center (5-year warranty on the bearings)

  • Face Plate

  • Knock-out rod

  • Operator Manual

Please take a tour of the information provided on this site of the four wonderful models of Robust lathes. If you have any questions or need any assistance please call us at 352-354-3314 or send an email.

"The greatest single improvement you can make to ANY lathe, is to add a Robust tool rest!"

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