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American Beauty

To view a video demonstration click here.

Contact us today at 352-226-4996.

Be sure to ask about whether there are any current specials.


It doesn't get any better than this!

Starts at: $9395 (with Standard Bed and 2 HP)

Best Quality, Best Warranty, Best Support

You just can't move up from a Robust!

The Robust tail stock Tilt Away is a patented device that enables the turner to tilt the heavy tail stock 90° to the right or left- quickly and easily. To do so takes only a few seconds.

This benefits:

  • no heavy lifting or possible dropping the heavy tail stock

  • convenience- gets it completely out of the way

  • time saving- takes only a few seconds to re-position

------------------------------------------------To stop the sequencing photos, place your cursor over a photo and click on the pause button.


 To view a down loadable specification sheet on the American Beauty, click here.

"The Robust American Beauty is the machine I've turned on for over 12 years. After having turned on numerous other lathes for 11 years prior to getting an American Beauty, I don't want to use anything else. The American Beauty has spoiled me!"

Don Geiger

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