American Beauty
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25" Robust American Beauty
25" Robust American Beauty
Elegant yet Robust. The overall design, fit and finish of this lathe is unsurpassed in the industry. No expense was spared producing this fine machine. There are no sacrifices in the design, quality of workmanship or materials. The stainless steel ways and powder coated surfaces will provide a lathe that will last a lifetime and can be proudly handed down through the generations. American Beauty lathes are now available in 4' or 6" bed lengths!!!
Attention To Detail
Unlike most woodworking machines on the market Robust lathes are built to order. Robust pays attention to detail. One example is the perect alignment of the drive spindle and the tailstock quill.
Attention To Detail
Safety and Convenience
Safety and Convenience
Robust lathes include an industrial quality remote that fully controls the motor. The remote is magnetically backed and can be placed anywhere on the lathe, except the stainless steel ways. This provides the operator with controls for: On/Off, Forward/Reverse and Variable Speed with convenient, immediate access without having to reach dangerously around spinning wood.
American Beauty Stability
Instead of just relying on weight, stability is gained through superior design. The American Beauty has a low center of gravilty and is supported by four adjustable legs that are postioned to form triangles and a broad stance. As the height of the lathe is raised, the legs rest further apart.
American Beauty Stability
Spindle Lock
Spindle Lock
Each Robust lathe is supplied with a spindle lock that is independent of the indexing system. The spindle can be locked in four positions. The lock stays engaged without having to hold it. As a significant safety feature: the motor is disabled while the lock is engaged.
The Robust tail stock Tilt Away is a patented device that enables the turner to tilt the heavy tail stock 90° to the right or left- quickly and easily. To do so takes only a few seconds.
This benefits:
  • no heavy lifting or possible dropping the heavy tail stock
  • convenience- gets it completely out of the way
  • time saving- takes only a few seconds to re-position
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"The Robust American Beauty is the machine I turn on. After having turned on numerous other lathes for 11 years prior to getting an American Beauty, I don't want to use anything else. The American Beauty has spoiled me!"
Don Geiger     
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