March 28, 2019: 
This product is now in stock and can ship by April 6, 2019

Geiger's Laser Depth Finder
Don't you just hate spending all the time it takes to turn a piece only to find out that you left too much thickness in the bottom- ruining the feel of the piece- or worse: going through the bottom while removing waste stock or preparing the foot?

The laser depth finder is designed to provide woodturners with the highest degree of accuracy in determining the absolute interior depth of hollow forms and open forms (bowls).

The Laser Depth finder is a system dedicated to be used every time you turn a bowl or hollow form to:
1) know precisely where you are at so you know when to quit removing material from the bottom of your pieces.
2) enable you mark the absolute location of the interior depth so you don't go through it (making another lamp shade) while removing waste stock and preparing the foot.
When you need to know precisely where the inside bottom is...

Position the lower bar against the inside center of your vessel

Turn on the laser and observe the dot. The right hand side of the dot is equal to the inside bottom depth. In the case shown left I was turning a vessel to a wall thickness of 1/16", so the dot was about the same diameter so I marked the wall thickness there. Add a third dot that indicates the bottom edge of the foot. With this information you can turn the was stock off and concave the foot without any concern about going through the bottom or leaving it too thick (I hate it when that happens!).

The end result is a 7" vessel that has consistent thickness throughout and weighs only 1 ounce!

This device is not to be used to determine wall thickness of hollow forms! Your work must be stationary!

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