The Geiger's Tru N Dress wheel dresser will improve the performance of any bench grinder, used in any application, as long as it is equipped with friable grit aggregate wheels. Herein we provide instructions on tuning up a grinder and even supply steel bushings to replace the plastic ones that are supplied with grinding wheels.

The Geiger's Evolution Gouge Sharpening System is an aftermarket product designed to accurately position Ellsworth Wolverine Vari-Grind for producing and maintaining two styles of bowl gouges and spindle gouges.

Geiger's Re-Centering Solution is an indispensable tool designed to easily re-center woodturnings against jamb or vacuum chucks. It's easy to use, provides perfect re-centering and is inexpensive.

Geiger's Laser Depth Finder indicates precisely the location of where the inside bottom of open bowls and hollow forms are so the turner knows how far to go and when to quit. It also enables the turner to mark the location of the inside bottom on the outside of the turning. The turner can then add the wall thickness and foot thickness so the piece won't be too thick or too thin!  Allowing one to trim off the waste stock below the foot with confidence.
We are a dealer for the Robust line of high quality woodturning lathes and accessories. Robust offers four lathes and detailed information can be found by clicking on the links below.

We offer all 
  • Robust gouges (these are superb tools!)
  • tool rests and 
  • accessories



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