Robust American Beauty
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With: 3 HP, tilt away, gas shock & ruler in the tail stock quill, the standard accessories pack and
7 yr. warranty.
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Significantly improve your sharpening! 
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Pro Sharp Spectrum
Precision Gouge Sharpening System
The results are amazing!
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Tru N Dress Grand Slam
Grinding Wheel Truing and Dressing System
Your grinder never ran so smoothly!
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Grinder Tune-Up Kit
The perfect solution for sharpening heat- sensitive plane irons and chisels!
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Spherical Wheel Dressing Systems 
For Wolverine: $150
For Veritas: $140
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Having been a woodworker my entire life and an active woodturner since 1999. I've learned to appreciate not only quality tools and machinery, but I also recognize the value of products I use every time I turn that simplify the process and contribute to better results.
One of the greatest benefits we offer is personalized and knowledgeable customer service. As the president and owner of the company, I take great pride in supporting the products we offer. Having designed many of the products, I have intimate knowledge of how each is used which enables me to answer most questions without delay. I promise you won't be talking to someone in a call center halfway around the world.
To maintain the highest degree of quality, each product we offer is Made in the USA.
If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Don Geiger
Geitech, Inc. (Established in 1983)


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