March 28, 2019
I just finished putting together five Laser Depth Finders (and sold two of them already!) and I entered new photos and descriptions on the web site. And added them to the shopping cart!! I am operating with the big boys now- I used to ask people to mail me a check, but those days are gone. What is the world coming to?

These depth finders are a must if you strive to produce quality turnings without any worry about going through the bottom.

$105 with free shipping

Worked with a new turner all-day yesterday introducing him to sharpening gouges, preparing bowl blanks, and turning bowls with gouges. It was a lot for one day, but we will meet again.

This is his second bowl ever!
NOTE: I couldn't figure out how to rotate this photo. Just lean your head to the left and the orientation will be perfect!

I think I am going to turn some wooden eggs for Easter. Last year I turned some hollow eggs from two contrasting pieces of wood and threaded the two halves together so you could put a keepsake inside. An enjoyable little project

March 19, 2019
Just received another order of Tru N Dress E Aluminum bodies and 1/2 ct diamond shafts. A machine shop shortens and threads each one. Time to get back on the shop and do some assembly. Just purchased fleece material so we can sew up some nice draw-string bags for the dressers. 
Sent out some orders this morning and had to do a little time in the office catching up on some paper work.
Did a few updates to the web site too.
Nothing much out of the ordinary today to report.

March 15, 2019
I just returned from performing a sharpening demo for the NE FL Woodturners, in Jacksonville, and I installed FOUR American Beauty lathes for customers this week! 
These installations were in Elkton (near St. Augustine), Sebring, Lake Placid and Eustis. I drove almost 900 miles in four days, but I got a lot done.
Now I should have some time to try out my new "Visulazer" I purchased from Trent Bosch about a month ago. All I've had time to do thus far with it is to hook it up and turn it on. I also machined an adapter so I could mount it on my Kobra hollowing system. I made a couple of extras for my friends: Rudy Lopez and Mark Wood so they can mount theirs to their Kobra systems.
I actually have four different hollowing systems so I got additional mounts from Trent. Now I can easily move the Visualizer from one to the other with ease. Trent makes great stuff and is one of the best people in our industry to deal with. Thanks Trent!

March 4, 2019
The Evolution sharpening system is back in-stock!
I have a limited supply of both models of Tru N Dress systems and more are on order.

In January, I attended the Florida Woodturning Symposium (FWS) ( where I performed three demos:
--Turning a Natural Edge Bowl
--Turning a Calabash-style Bowl
--Sharpening and Grinder Tune-Up

NOTE: If you think your clubs or symposiums would be interested in any or all of these demos, please have them contact me.

I also had a booth in the exhibit area at FWS where Brent English, from Robust Tools, LLC, provided wonderful and much needed support. We showed an American Beauty lathe, a wide variety of the, extremely popular, Robust tool rests and accessories and all of my products. 

I believe that adding a Robust tool rest is the greatest improvement you can make to any lathe!

The week of February 25th through March 1st, I taught a class at the Florida School of Woodwork, (, in Tampa on "Introduction to Woodturning". Five students attended and each went home with several bowls they turned and smiles on their faces.  

January 14, 2019
Dear fellow woodturners:
Thanks to a nice fall/winter run on things (and my poor planning) I am out of stock on a few products as follows:

  • Evolution Sharpening Systems
  • Tru N Dress Grand Slam
  • Laser Depth Finders

The machine shop took a long holiday break and got back running on January 7th. Although I am not their only, and certainly not their largest customer, I hope to have some much needed parts soon. Thank you for your patience!

I just returned from a nice trip to Punta Gorda, FL where I judged over 100 woodturning entries at the Florida Wood Art Expo and performed a 1/2-day demo on turning natural edge bowls. 
Visit: to see photos and details about this fabulous event.

From Punta Gorda, I traveled to Tampa, FL to teach a 2-day class on turning bowls at The Florida School of Woodwork. I had five students, from as far away as Costa Rica! Each came away with a few bowls and a greater knowledge of turning. 
The Director, Kate Swann, continues to put together quite a nice schedule of wood working and woodturning classes by numerous teachers, many of whom you are probably familiar with.  
Visit for details on the school and upcoming events and classes.

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