Professional Bench Grinder Tune Up Kit.
The Kit Includes:
  • Tru N Dress Grand Slam
  • Two (2) Machined Steel Wheel Bushings 
  • Two (2) Run out Test Discs 
  • Adhesive shims 

Click here to read about tuning up a grinder.

Click here for detailed information on the Tru N Dress Grand Slam wheel truing and dressing system.

Click here to access the Tru N Dress owner's manual.

Click here for a video produced by Tim Yoder on tuning up a grinder.

The position of the diamond is precisely controlled enabling one to produce a perfectly concentric surface on your wheels.
Using the Tru N Dress will make the surface of the wheel significantly smoother which results in sharper edges and smoother bevels on your tools. A properly dressed 80 grit wheel produces results similar to or better than an improperly dressed 120 or 180 grit wheel.

"Paired with Don's grinder tune up kit, my $100 grinder suits my needs just as well as one costing almost ten times that much. I'm also glad I heeded his advice to hold off on buying a wheel balancing product, for which I haven't since seen a need. Don's offerings are the right fit for me because I believe in not only investing in quality tools, but also allocating my budget wisely."
Charlie M., Bristol, RI
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