Geiger's Re-Centering Solution is a unique product that is used to perfectly re-center woodturnings for the purposes of jamb chucking or vacuum chucking.

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The Re-Centering appliance, available in 1-1/4" X 8, can be screwed directly into your face plate or chuck.
The brad-point drill bit is not included in the price! We do however supply the adjustable stop collar and wrench.
The stop collar can be set to limit the depth of the hole you will drill into the waste stock of your work piece.

A reference hole is then drilled into the waste stock of your work piece.

You can then remove your faceplate or chuck. You will now have a 3/8" diameter reference hole precisely in the center of your work piece. 
A 3/8" diameter re-centering pin is supplied  with the system. The pin is tapered on one end to fit directly into a One Way or Jet live center.
Once your jamb chuck or vacuum chuck and live center are mounted on the lathe...
...move your tailstock and live center forward and push the re-centering pin into the hole you drilled earlier. Advance your tailstock quill to tighten your work piece securely against your jamb chuck or vacuum chuck.
With the re-centering pin in place and your work piece perfectly recentered against the jamb chuck or vacuum chuck, you can now remove the waste stock.
An additional use for the
Re-Centering Solution:
A reference hole drilled into the waste stock can also be used to re-center your work piece after drying when it is necessary to re-turn the piece to true the surfaces.
If you've previously turned a work piece on a faceplate, removed it and let the work piece dry, the warping (especially on side-grain pieces) can render previously established screw holes from being re-used. In these cases, the Re-Centering Solution can be screwed into the faceplate and a drill bit inserted through the drill bushing and into the previously established center hole in the waste stock. The faceplate can now be rotated around the center so you can establish new screw holes.
The Re-Centering Solution is available only in 1-1/4" X 8 thread size.
It also includes:
  • a high quality 3/8" brad point drill bit long enough to reach the waste stock when using face plates or chucks
  • a 3/8" id drill stop collar with hex key
  • two centering pins that are tapered to fit directly into a One Way or Jet live center
  • Instructions
The system price is: $45

Call: 352-226-4996 to order.
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